From the initial enquiry to post project debrief and after sales maintenance we strive to provide a professional client service at every step.The Client is invited to attend a significant part in all phases of project realization and to get the most out of their structure.
At Inspired Structures, we strive to reach the highest level of quality in our business and we aim to make sure that your decision in choosing an air dome is as easy as possible. We care about our clients, our promise to you is that you will get from us the best product, designed to your need exclusively.

Project Management

Engineers from Inspired Structure’s Design Department can engineer fabric structures (Air supported structures, Aluminium, Steel and Wooden framed fabric structures) upon your request and can create a sport arena interior in line with your choice of sports surfaces and sports equipment. We can completely custom design your fabric structure to meet your specific needs.
The engineering department uses your specifications to calculate items relating to stress, load, and calculate Snow and Wind loading capabilities specific to your site. Plans are then drawn for your particular project.

The engineering department also creates high quality visualizations of fabric structure designs using advanced rendering systems. The main purpose of this procedure is to generate realistic images for the client.


Inspired Structures manufactures air halls through its partners Duol in its own production facility and supplies products directly to client. Manufacturing in Duol’s facility allows us infinite control over the production of your structure. Combining office administration and manufacturing gives us the ability to easily consult with all members of our dynamic team, assuring that all areas of expertise go into each and every step of your project.
Our production facility and direct delivery guarantees you a high quality and custom made air dome with short delivery time and low prices delivered direct to site.


Professional Installation by Inspired Structures house assembly crew is the last phase of the project realization. We design, manufacture and install turnkey structures in a matter of weeks after design approval. Installation is simple, quick and cost effective.The dome is handed-over to the Client after detailed dome maintenance instructions and a 24 hour contact number for any assistance. Our after sales service exists throughout the lifetime of the Dome as we genuinely care and everything we do is with Integrity at its heart.
Subsequent dismantling and re-installation will take approximately one-two days depending on the size of the structure.