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Inspired Structures

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Inspired Structures brings the best in Quality, reliable and affordable Fabric Structures Air Domes, both Temporary and Permanent to the UK Sports and Events Industry

We have brought together the worlds leading fabric manufacturers and brought them to the UK market to provide quick, energy efficient and inspiring environments for all sport and events to thrive within. With 15 years personal experience in the Fabric Framed Industry, overseeing the purchase, hire, design and manufacturing side of the Industry we believe we are perfectly positioned to guide you to your perfect Structure to meet your requirements.

With Custom-designed Air Domes and Fabric Framed Structures meeting technical, economical, safety and aesthetic criteria, we aim to be an invaluable partner to any investment into sports facilities. Inspired Structures is an expert at finding the most suitable solution possible and giving its clients the best product for their money, delivering on time, on budget and maintaining the highest quality. Our Turn-key in-house team of specialists, are ready to consult and support you throughout every part of the process.

Our Mission is to offer a broader crowd of people the possibility to play all year sport in a controlled environment inside our cost effective, quality and durable structures. Inspired Structures vision is to bring the leading developments for textile technologies to our clients in a clear and easy process from initial enquiry to installation in as efficient a way as possible.