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Inspired Structures
Air Domes for Tennis

Air Supported Structures are an ideal solution for the seasonal or permanent coverage of one or more tennis courts.

Air Domes for Tennis.The particularly quick erection of the Tennis dome and its equally rapid dismantling that leaves no visible traces allowing for temporary or permanent coverage, thereby increasing investors’ profit levels. The translucency of the membrane allows the domes to be used in daylight without artificial light. The excellent insulation characteristics of the double fabric membrane provides players with ideal playing conditions and protects them from the weather. Inside the Air Supported Structure various flooring type and various independent facilities such as wardrobes, coffee shops, toilets etc. can be installed. The Domes meet the LTA guidelines for the requirements which is a ringing endorsement of the quality and the high level of finish.

These Domes have withstood Temperatures of +70C to -40C, coming with air conditioning and heating options.

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